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Decision making theory-just do it?

Decision making theory JUST DO IT…..as shown in the main heading. Is this a valid philosophy and methodology for making good decisions? What constitutes a good decision anyway? Good for whom? And what is “good” anyway? Most people perhaps would argue that these things are “common sense” and no further examination is required. But of course, it is “common sense” that the sun revolves around the earth. But anyway. The philosopher Socrates apparently wrote that the unexamined life is not worth living. But hey who cares? Who was Socrates anyway? And what makes his opinion any better than anyone elses? Is it possible to arrive at a scientific methodology of decision making? But again this will all about the definition of terms. Eg what is good anyway? And good for whom? These terms can be defined. And then depending upon the metrics and the empirical data one could perhaps arrive at some kind of evaluation of the decision. But again there will always be differences of opinion about the choice of metrics, the empirical data and how such data is to be interpreted. Ultimately I believe that if I wish to make better decisions for myself I need to look into the “science” of decision making.