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if the path to true knowledge is via the "sciences" then perhaps this would mean that evidence is King

If the path to true knowledge is via the sciences and with reference to the “evidence” or even the empirical evidence. Then where is the empirical evidence for climate change and/or global warming? Perhaps obviously ,if the evidence clearly shows that the climate is being changed , then of course,we should be concerned and do something about it!

But before we proceed down a path of action let us be sure that we are not chasing illusions or worse being manipulated by vested interests. Some will profit from the path of global warming. As of course some will lose. So unfortunately when large amounts of money are involved one has to exercise caution.

So if one is a climate change believer, and tv series like the Norwegian drama “Occupied”, directly encourage radical direct violent action in the name of the end justifies the means.

Ok lets assume the worst case scenario, climate change,global warming are very real and present dangers. (Will the Chinese,Russians,Americans,Europeans and Indians change their ways?)

so then sooner or later with a person like me, the Christian faith has to factor in. When the Almighty created the whole shebang, did He know the future? If He did , then He knew what Mankind would do with the planet.

Surely then the prophetic Word then becomes crucial. The Word of God even out trumps “science”. This is not a question of “argument for arguments sake” but a question of Truth. What is the truth of climate change and what as Christians ought we to believe and do? Do we then go down down the route of Extinction Rebellion? Or worse?(better?)